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Firms back Bangladesh safety plan

The owner of TopShop has joined other retailers including Primark and H&M in signing up to a deal on better safety checks in Bangladesh aimed at preventing any repeats of the building collapse that left more than 1,000 workers dead.

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Labour organisation calls for new laws in Bangladesh

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has called on Bangladesh to speed up the introduction of a new labour law, after more than 500 people were reported to have been killed when a building collapsed near the capital.

ILO's deputy director-general for field operations Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo said that international buyers needed to ensure their local business partner respected labour laws as well as building and construction standards:

What we believe clearly is that the buyers before deciding to do business with a local employer, have to make sure that the country's labour code is in place, is respected which include different dimensions including the workers protection, the safety and other laws respected by the local company before they get into business with.


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