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Hague: No change of course

The Foreign Secretary William Hague has said the Tories do not need a "drastic change of course" to win the next election, despite recent local election results. Meanwhile, 20 Tory MPs want an EU referendum before 2017, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

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Tories must break 'privileged and out of touch' image

The Conservative Party needs to break the impression it is "privileged and out of touch" if it wants to have any chance of winning the next general election, a former leadership contender has warned.

The fact is that if we want to win the next election, we have to break this impression of being privileged and out of touch.

The British public are neither snobs nor inverted snobs, but they do expect the Government to understand their problems and do something about it.

That means more straight talking and fewer focus groups; more conventional Tory policies, not because they are Tory, but because they work; less pandering to metropolitan interest groups; and please, please, no more Old Etonian advisers.

– Former Conservative leadership contender David Davis

David Davis said the Prime Minister should stop surrounding himself with fellow Old Etonians and show he understood the concerns of ordinary people.

His comments in an article for The Daily Telegraph, came after the party suffered heavy losses to the UK Independence Party in the council elections in England and Wales.

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