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Tia Sharp's mother asks 'why?'

The mother of Tia Sharp has spoken exclusively to Daybreak about her daughter's killer. Stuart Hazell was jailed for life at the Old Bailey with a minimum term of 38 years after finally admitting the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp.

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  1. Juliet Bremner - ITV News Correspondent

Hazell told prison officers 'it wasn't sexual'

The jury were told that Hazell found the house surrounded by journalists and media and would not have been able to get rid of her body.

The jury were asked to watch an interview that Hazell had given to ITV News. In this he said "I loved her to bits, I loved her like my own daughter, I can't work out what the hell is happening."

He said that he knew "in his heart" that Tia had left the house alive. He appears to be close to tears.

Hazell said nothing when he was arrested. But he told prison officers that "he wasn't a nonce" and "it wasn't sexual".

He claimed that they had been playing together on the stairs when she fell. She broke her neck, he claimed, so he carried her to the bedroom and hoped she would get better.

When she died, he told the prison officers that he didn't know what to do so wrapped her in a sheet and put her in a loft.

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