David Cameron blasts 'Tory MPs plotting EU vote'

Prime Minister David Cameron has lashed out at Tory "pessimists" demanding immediate withdrawal from the European Union.

David Cameron faces a fresh assault on his authority from a group of rebel Tory MPs. Credit: PA

The Prime Minister said he believed it was "possible" to push through changes to the EU.

"I am faced as I do so, if you like, by two groups of pessimists," he said.

"There are some pro-European pessimists who say, 'you have to, in Europe, simply sign up to every single thing that anyone in the EU suggests.

"You sign every treaty, you sign everything - there is no alternative'.

"I think they are completely wrong.

"The second group of pessimists say there is no prospect of reforming the EU, you simply have to leave. I think they are wrong too.

"I think it is possible to change and reform this organisation and change and reform Britain's relationship with it."