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Firms back Bangladesh safety plan

The owner of TopShop has joined other retailers including Primark and H&M in signing up to a deal on better safety checks in Bangladesh aimed at preventing any repeats of the building collapse that left more than 1,000 workers dead.

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Primark planning 'support package' for Dhaka victims

Primark has said it is putting together a "comprehensive support package" for those affected by the building collapse in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka:

The fate of all the employees in the entire complex has still not been confirmed and a list of employees has not yet been established because many records were destroyed when the building collapsed.

Immediately the company has a list of employees relating to its supplier, it will then be in a position to begin appropriate discussions on the practical implementation of this support ...

A recognised framework for paying compensation already exists, having been developed by trade unions and trade associations to deal with situations such as this. This framework has been accepted by leading NGOs. This means that compensation will be paid according to this pre-existing formula which is grounded in international insurance standards and local law.

A further comprehensive programme covering the immediate and long-term needs of the survivors and the dependents of the deceased is also being finalised. This programme will include medical and occupational rehabilitation.

– primark statement

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