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Firms back Bangladesh safety plan

The owner of TopShop has joined other retailers including Primark and H&M in signing up to a deal on better safety checks in Bangladesh aimed at preventing any repeats of the building collapse that left more than 1,000 workers dead.

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Rescuers end search for Bangladesh building survivors

Nearly three weeks after a Bangladesh garment-factory building collapsed, the search for bodies has ended with a final death toll of 1,127.

Fire services and the army have left the Dhaka building site where the disaster occured on 24 April.

Reshma Begum was found alive after spending 17 days trapped under rubble Credit: REUTERS/Sohel Ahmed

The last survivor was found on Friday, when rescue teams were stunned to discover Reshma Begum, a seamstress who survived under the rubble for 17 days.

The last dead body was found on Sunday night, and authorities said a special prayer service will be held Tuesday to honour the dead.

The collapse of the Rana Plaza building has focused global attention on hazardous conditions in Bangladesh's powerful garment industry.

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