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Google 'perplexed' by tax row

Google boss Eric Schmidt said he was "perplexed" by the debate over the company's tax affairs. The internet giant's executive chairman said the firm paid everything it was legally required to in the UK.

  1. Chris Ship

Google boss: We follow UK tax rules

Google boss Eric Schmidt has been asked whether he agrees with Ed Miliband's assertion that his firm's tax arrangements are "wrong", he answers simply "no."

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive

He added that tax is not up to Google, it is up to governments.

Schmidt said "we love the United Kingdom and we follow the tax rules here", and added that if Ed Miliband changed the rules - they would follow them.

The Google boss said the UK was "too important to us" and that they would continue to invest in Britain no matter what.

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