1. Rohit Kachroo

Al-Shabaab tweets about Woolwich: 'It's inevitable'

The Somalia-based militia group al-Shabaab has posted a series of tweets in which sympathy for the Woolwich attackers is expressed and David Cameron's subsequent comments are criticised.

"What Cameron describes as a “sickening” attack is what innocent Muslim woman and children are subjected to every day by British troops," the group's Twitter account wrote.

"It is not a “betrayal” of Islam as he’d put it but rather a “portrayal” of Islam. Don’t expect Muslims to simply turn the other cheek!

"It’s a timely reminder to the repugnant lot at No.10 that Muslims are fully conscious of their heinous atrocities against Islam and Muslims.

"The British army has a woeful record of abuses against unarmed Muslims across the globe."

The al-Qaeda-affiliated militants finished: "Where next? You just have to grin and bear it, it’s inevitable. A case of the chickens coming home to roost!"