Queen to be given replica Coronation bouquet

The Queen will be given a replica of the Coronation bouquet today in celebration of the 60th anniversary of her becoming the monarch.

Lottie Longman of Longman's Florists with a replica of the Coronation bouquet which is to be presented to the Queen. Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

The granddaughter of the late Martin Longman, of Longman's florists, who made the original bouquet for the monarch in 1953, has crafted a copy of the elaborate ensemble of blooms.

Lottie Longman used photos and an oil painting of the flowers to help recreate the exact bouquet and spent six months sourcing the flowers from across the UK.

The Queen with the bouquet in 1953. Credit: PA Wire

Ms Longman said: "You have to wire every single flower individually. It's the old fashioned way of making bouquets. It's very clever. It has a little bump of moss and you put the wired flowers through and bind them with ribbon."

The monarch carried the teardrop shaped display of all white flowers on her journey to Westminster Abbey.