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Westminster protests: 58 arrests

Police said 58 people from United Against Facism have been arrested during protests at Westminster. The group was protesting at the same time as members of the BNP, who called for the Government to act against Islamist hate preachers.

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BNP leader: Soldier's death won't be isolated incident

BNP leader Nick Griffin warned that the murder of soldier Lee Rigby would not be an isolated incident.

Mr Griffin said: "I believe that by being here today we have at least taken a step to taking the debate to where it needs to be.

"Not about whether the terrible murder of Lee Rigby was isolated, something which will never happen again.

BNP leader Nick Griffin at the protest today. Credit: ITV News

"We're pointing out that it will happen again and again and again until the West disengages with Islam and they leave our country".

When asked about the BNP supporters being significantly outnumbered in Westminster today, Mr Griffin replied: "I think that a number of people who wanted to come have been turned away by the police.

"People have been attacked by the Far Left gang on their way in, so perhaps that has cut numbers".

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