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Religious leaders warn Cameron

Religious leaders issued a fresh appeal to David Cameron to halt plans to allow gay marriage, suggesting it would "devalue the meaning" of the institution, in a letter to the Daily Telegraph.

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Cameron asked to reconsider gay marriage plan

The Prime Minister is facing fresh calls to halt his plans to allow gay marriage by a group of religious leaders, who argue the legislation is being rushed through parliament without proper debate.

In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, signed by 61 religious leaders, it said:

The haste with which this legislation is being driven through Parliament and the failure to talk to all religions will mean that the problems which we have repeatedly highlighted will be written into law with serious and harmful consequences for the health of society, family life, and human rights such as freedom of religion and of speech.

Dismissing safeguards in the proposed law as insufficient, they continued: "It is surely clear that there are significant problems with this legislation which require further scrutiny and probably amendment.

We therefore urge you to pause so that this may take place.

Because of its serious flaws we will continue to resist this proposed legislation and to highlight its injustice and unfairness. It creates a two-tier form of marriage in one of which the importance of consummation, procreation and the welfare of children, as well as issues such as adultery have been ignored, and devalues the meaning of marriage itself.

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