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Lord Tebbit: Gay marriage bill 'would mean real discrimination'

Current laws on marriage do not discriminate against homosexual people because they are free to marry someone of the opposite sex according to Lord Tebbit.

The Tory former cabinet minister said: "This Bill is promoted as a measure to end discrimination against homosexuals, but the present law of marriage does not discriminate against homosexuals.

"The rights of a homosexual man are identical to mine. Subject to the laws on incest and bigamy we are both free to marry a woman.

"Neither he nor I may marry another man. Our positions are identical.

"If it were to be held that the wish of a homosexual man to marry another homosexual man being thwarted by law was a proof of discrimination, then the law forbidding polygamy would equally be proof of discrimination.

"And therefore we should move undoubtedly on the basis of the arguments that have been put forward to marriage of one man to two women or more or a woman with more than one man."

He said the Bill would introduce a "real and novel form of discrimination" as there was no definition of what would amount to consummation or adultery in a same-sex marriage.

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