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William backs swimming drive

Prince William has recorded a video message in support of the Amateur Swimming Association's (ASA) vision that every child has the right to learn to swim. An ASA report has found more than half of children aged 7-11 years cannot swim 25 metres.

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Olympian learned to swim because his 'dad couldn't'

Former six times world champion swimmer Mark Foster has told Daybreak he learnt to swim because his father was "petrified of water".

He said: "It was safety reasons, first and foremost. My father at the age of 11 got thrown in the lake and was petrified of water, [he] still can't swim."

He added: "I think if you are a family, sitting round a poolside, constantly looking over your shoulder, how do you relax when you know your child can't swim and how does your child enjoy itself?"

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