'We celebrate 60 years of whole-hearted commitment'

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has addressed a service to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation at Westminster Abbey.

He told the congregation: "A nation watched. It was the first time the whole nation had watched anything as it happened. But this they saw.

"Pomp and ceremony on a rainy June day, all so very British, wrapped in time and custom

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, addresses the congregation. Credit: Jack Hill/The Times/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Archbishop also said that at the 1953 ceremony, the Queen knelt at the abbey's altar and prayed.

"We do not know what was prayed. Her Majesty knelt at the beginning of a path of demanding devotion and utter self-sacrifice, a path she did not choose, yet to which she was called by God.

"Today we celebrate sixty years of whole-hearted commitment and faithfulness".