1. John Ray

Zaatari refugee camp: A Syrian city in exile

The problem at this refugee camp is one of sheer size, Zaatari has become a Syrian city in exile here in Jordan. It is city predominantly of children, a staggering 16,000 under the age of five.

Here they are of course safe from the bombs, the bullet and the horrors of home but they face new dangers and doctors say that the flies, the sweltering heat and the overcrowding adds up to a recipe for an epidemic.

Twins Iman and Ayat are beginning to respond to treatment in the Zaatari camp. Credit: ITV News

Nine-month-old twins Iman and Ayat are now progressing and responding to the treatment they are getting, but it is worth remembering that that is a hospital of just 28 beds for a potential 16,000 patients, it is no wonder aid agencies warn that this camp is on the edge of catastrophe.