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Hunt to address NHS conference

Jeremy Hunt will speak at the NHS Confederation conference in Liverpool today - where on Wednesday delegates heard their boss call for fewer hospital beds and more GP surgeries as a way of dealing with the rise in demand for emergency services.

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Health Secretary: Closing NHS hospitals not the answer

An alliance of doctors, managers, and patients have warned that up to 20 hospitals will have to close to stop the NHS from collapse, the Times reports.

When asked for his response to this story, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told Daybreak: "I don't agree it's about closing hospitals but I do agree that there are ways we need to change how we deliver services".

"In London, they halved the death rate from strokes when they reduced the number of hospitals dealing with strokes from 32 to 8.

"There are times when there's clear clinical evidence that you can do things better if you concentrate on fewer hospitals.

But he added: " We also have huge pressures on our hospitals, we have an ageing population, we're doing 400,000 more operations every year there's a huge demand".

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