1. John Ray

Syria's children must see 'there is hope for the future'

I visited one of the facilities in Zaatari refugee camp where aid workers are helping children to cope with some of the psychological effects of warfare.

Children are encouraged to cope with their emotions and traumatic memories through artwork, and to interact with other youngsters by singing and dancing.

UNICEF child protection officer Steinunn Bjorgvinsdottir says children refugees were aggressive to begin with Credit: ITV News

One of UNICEF's child protection officers, Steinunn Bjorgvinsdottir, told me she saw "high levels of aggression and violence" when the facility was opened last July, but that things are improving.

She said: "For over two and a half years they have seen nothing but blood and violence, but here we model good behaviour. We show them that there is hope for the future."

A child draws scenes of warfare at the centre - not an uncommon choice of subject matter Credit: ITV News