Sheep-killing dog evades armed police to return home

A large dog has evaded armed police and returned home after it attacked and killed a number of sheep in the Gloucestershire area.

The public was warned about the animal - a Bernese mountain dog - after it was seen on the loose in Cliffords Mesne, near Newent.

A Bernese mountain dog, although not the one believed to have killed any sheep Credit: Tim Ockenden/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Armed officers hunted the animal, which could weigh up to six stone, and shot and wounded it after it attacked sheep on Tuesday evening.

A Gloucestershire Police spokeswoman said: "The pet's owner was kept informed and updated throughout the incident and at 7am today they informed police that it had returned home of its own accord."

The dog is now receiving treatment from a vet and police are investigating whether its owner has committed an offence.