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Privatisation 'failed' railways

Rail privatisation has led to the UK having the most expensive fares in Europe, older trains and serious overcrowding, and train operating companies entirely reliant on public subsidies, according to a new report commissioned by the TUC.

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TUC: Govt must accept current rail model is broken

A TUC report - The Great Train Robbery - concludes that rail privatisation has "failed to deliver", with UK passengers paying expensive fares for older trains.

This study explodes the myth that rail firms are bringing added value to our railways. In reality they rely upon taxpayers to turn a profit, virtually all of which ends up in shareholders' pockets, rather than being used to improve services...

The Government must accept that the current model is broken. Its determination to impose franchising across the network - even on the East Coast Mainline which is performing well as a nationalised service - shows ministers are ignoring the evidence of 20 years of failure.

– TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady

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