Icelandic MP offers Snowden asylum assistance

Icelandic politician Birgitta Jonsdottir Credit: örg Carstensen/DPA/Press Association Images

Icelandic member of parliament and privacy rights campaigner Birgitta Jonsdottir has offered asylum assistance to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

In a statement with Smari McCarthy, executive director of Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, Jonsdottir said she felt duty bound to help and advise the 29-year-old:

"Whereas IMMI is based in Iceland, and has worked on protections of privacy, furtherance of government transparency, and the protection of whistleblowers, we feel it is our duty to offer to assist and advise Mr. Snowden to the greatest of our ability.

"We are already working on detailing the legal protocols required to apply for asylum, and will be seeking a meeting with the newly appointed interior minister of Iceland, [...] to discuss whether an asylum request can be processed in a swift manner, should such an application be made.”

It is not clear whether Snowden has made an asylum application to Iceland.