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PM defends EU membership

Prime Minister David Cameron said membership of international organisations such as NATO, the United Nations and the EU is "not a national vanity - it is in our national interest".

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PM: Much more to do to show Britain is back in business

David Cameron said there is "much more to do" to equip the British economy for the modern world and show that we are "back in business".

The Prime Minister said:

We want to go further. The UK is already in the Top 10 countries in the world in which to do business.

In the next three years, we want to see Britain rank up there in the Top 5 places in the world to do business and as the No. 1 country in Europe to do business.

This is about sending the message out loud and clear to international investors, to entrepreneurs at home, Britain is not just getting back in the black - we are getting back in business.

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