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New abuse victim guidelines

New guidelines for prosecutors on how to tackle cases involving child sexual abuse will help protect the most vulnerable victims, the CPS has said. The move comes as part of a series of government measures to aid victims of crime.

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Victims must be spared 'aggressive' court atmosphere

The Justice Secretary has announced that young and vulnerable victims of horrific crimes will be given the opportunity to pre-record evidence for criminal trials.

Chris Grayling said:"The particularly hostile treatment of victims and witnesses in court has nothing to do with fairness or justice.

"I am adamant we must put a stop to this, but without compromising everyone's right to a fair trial.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

"So for the first time we are going to spare these victims from the aggressive and intimidating court atmosphere by making sure they can give evidence and be cross-examined before the trial starts."

Mr Grayling said the new approach will be piloted in Leeds, Liverpool and Kingston-upon-Thames with the intention of rolling it out across the country if it is successful.

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