73% call for search engines to filter out all pornography

After UK government ministers said today there will be a "fundamental change" in removing online child abuse images, a ComRes / ITV News poll has found that 73% of people believe search engines should filter out all pornographic online content unless people specifically opt in to access it.

ComRes interviewed 2,055 people, and also found that women (81%) were more likely to agree with an opt in policy than men (66%).

  • 72% of those polled think there is a link between viewing online child abuse and crimes committed against children by some of those who view such online content.
  • 77% believe the Government is right to demand more of internet service providers and search engines in the fight against the spread of indecent images of children online.
  • 52% say that they would consider changing their internet service provider if their provider did not sign up to Government plans to limit the spread of indecent images of children online.