Cameron outlines seven key agreements on Syria crisis

David Cameron has outlined seven agreements that have been made among G8 leaders in respect to the Syria crisis.

  • 1)To step up the response to the humanitarian crisis with almost $1.5bn of new humanitarian aid.
  • 2) Maximise diplomatic pressure, to bring all sides to the table.
  • 3) Back a Geneva 2 process that delivers a transitional governing body to Syria with full executive authority.
  • 4) To learn the lesson of Iraq by making sure key institutions of state are maintained during the transition.
  • 5) Work together to rid Syria of extremists and terrorists.
  • 6) To condemn use of chemical weapons by anyone.
  • 7) To support a future government that is neither Sunni, Alawite or Shia but which has the consent of all Syrians.