Gavin Hastings: Scottish independence 'beggars belief'

Former Scotland captain Gavin Hastings says it "beggars belief" some Scots believe they would be better off being separate from the UK.

Speaking to The Scots Magazine he went on to warn about the dangers of complacency in the forthcoming referendum, as polls indicate the 'No' vote is currently ahead.

"The danger comes with people being complacent that independence will never succeed... and people not voting or taking it for granted that we will remain part of the United Kingdom.

"If we were independent would we not be doing everything in our power to find the benefits of joining up with England, Wales and Northern Ireland? Why, if we have that, would we be looking to divide it?"

Gavin Hastings Credit: Press Association

This afternoon the Foreign Secretary William Hague will deliver a speech in Edinburgh on why he thinks Scotland should remain in the UK.