Glastonbury police foil bid to hide drugs in sweet packet

Police have hailed a successful start to the Glastonbury Festival, with crimes down from the last event in 2011.

In the first day, 40 crimes were reported, 22 of which were thefts, mostly from tents, and police made a total of 24 arrests, many of them over drugs.

There have been 24 drug-related offences but some of those involved were dealt with by way of a caution instead of arrest.

The first arrest of the festival was a person who tried to smuggle drugs into the site in a packet of Fruit Pastilles.

A police officer's suspicion was raised by the fact the sweets had been hidden in a sock.

Inspector Shirley Eden said: "It looked like a bag of sweets but it turned out the sweets had been taken out and replaced with drugs."

"The bag had then been resealed so the drugs were cleverly disguised, but it was very well spotted by the officer. It was quite an elaborate way of getting drugs in."