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Pilot 'knew plane was too low'

The senior pilot in the cockpit of Asiana flight that crashed landed in San Francisco airport on Saturday realised the plane was too low when it was flying at only 500ft (152m), an official has said.

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Asiana Airlines crash: The pilots

There were four pilots on the Asiana Airlines craft, rotating in two-person shifts during the 10 hour-plus flight.

One of the pilots was Lee Jeong-min, a veteran with "long experience", according to a senior Asiana official.

Lee, in his late 40s, has 12,387 hours of flying experience, including 3,220 hours on the Boeing 777, according to the Transport Ministry in Seoul.

A second pilot on board the aircraft, Lee Kang-kook, has 9,793 hours flying experience and 43 hours on the 777.

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