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50 dead in Canada rail disaster

Canadian police have say they have recovered 20 bodies from the Quebec train disaster, and that the 30 people who remain missing are now all presumed dead.

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'Around 40 missing' after Canada train blast

Five people have been confirmed dead, but many more are missing. Credit: Reuters

About 40 people remain missing a day after a runaway train derailed in Quebec, igniting several fires that destroyed a city centre and killed five people.

More than 30 buildings were destroyed when the derailed train sped downhill into the town and exploded Credit: Reuters

Officials are warning the death toll will rise and there are fears further explosions may occur as two carriages filled with petrol have not ignited, as yet.

Only a small part of the devastated areas have been searched as fire fighters are focusing on ensuring the fires are out.

Local people have been evacuated from their homes as fire fighters work to contain explosion and make the area safe. Credit: Reuters

A coroner's spokeswoman said it may not be possible to recover some of the bodies because of the intensity of the blasts.

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