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Parents urged to talk sex abuse

The NSPCC have launched a new campaign to help parents protect their children from sexual abuse. The six-week campaign, which aims to enable parents to discuss sexual boundaries and the issue of abuse with their children, begins today.

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ChildLine to visit every UK school to talk about abuse

The NSPCC's 'Talk PANTS' campaign, launching today, is being supported by Netmums and complements the organisation's ChildLine Schools Service, which is visiting every primary school in the UK advising children how to stay safe from all forms of abuse.

Peter Wanless from the NSPCC said the campaign aimed to make children more aware of what abuse is so that they can identify it and prevent it, as well as enabling children to talk to their parents about the issue.

The shocking case of Savile has horrified many parents and understandably it has heightened concerns around sexual abuse. But most abuse is closer to home and if we are to tackle this issue we must prevent it before it even starts.

To do this we must educate our children about staying safe and speaking out.

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