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Parents urged to talk sex abuse

The NSPCC have launched a new campaign to help parents protect their children from sexual abuse. The six-week campaign, which aims to enable parents to discuss sexual boundaries and the issue of abuse with their children, begins today.

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Parents urged to talk to children about sex abuse

Parents are being urged to talk to their children about sex abuse in order to protect them from being victimised by potential predators.

The NSPCC has launched a new 'Talk PANTS' campaign aimed at encouraging parents to have open conversations with their children on the subject. NSPCC chief exec Peter Wanless said opening up the channels of communication was key for parents, and could "make a big difference."

Parents have told us they lack confidence in approaching this difficult but important issue. We've worked with parent groups to devise a simple, age appropriate way of making sure children speak up if something happens. It's a quick conversation but could make a big difference."

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