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Bombs thrown at Belfast police

Violence has erupted in east Belfast with at least four improvised explosive devices thrown at police. Several petrol bombs were also hurled after disturbances broke out but there were no reports of any injuries, police said.

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Dodds 'conscious' after Belfast violence injury

The Democratic Unionist Party MP Nigel Dodds is now conscious after earlier being injured during fighting in Belfast, his party colleague Nelson McCausland, a minister in the Northern Ireland Executive, has confirmed.

He is currently in hospital.

A man who treated Mr Dodds at the scene told the BBC:

I was standing right beside him listening to his conversation.

He grasped his head as he went down. He was knocked out cold. I put him in the recovery position and checked his airway. A crowd gathered and then the ambulance arrived and he was taken away by ambulance. I felt sorry for the fella.

He was unlucky because he was also hit by water cannon as I was trying to administer first aid and he got soaked.

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