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'Half of drivers' face road rage

Nearly half of drivers have experienced road rage, with some being threatened with physical violence, according to a survey by an insurance company.

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'Being cut up' is leading causing of road rage

Being cut up by another motorist was the leading cause of road rage, followed by rudeness of other drivers.

Motorists who drove too slowly were more likely to lead to road rage than those who went too fast.

The survey also found:

  • 44% of motorists thought learners should have lessons for at least a year before being allowed to take their test;
  • 77% reckoned it should be illegal to smoke while driving if there were children in the car;
  • 78% said the motorway speed limit should be 80mph or more;
  • 11% admitted to speeding frequently, while 26% said they had used a mobile phone to make or receive calls while driving;
  • 19% had had their car vandalised or maliciously damaged in the last five years;
  • 48% would like to see the drink-drive limit lower than it is now.

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