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Lib Dems Trident review

Britain can maintain a credible nuclear deterrent without a like-for-like replacement of its Trident submarine fleet, a review by the Liberal Democrats has concluded, putting the party at odds with their Conservative coalition partners.

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Alexander likely to recommend Trident downgrade

Danny Alexander's nuclear deterrent review could put the Lib Dems at odds with its Conservative coalition partners. Credit: PA

Liberal Democrat Cabinet minister Danny Alexander's Trident Alternatives Review is expected to include an array of options short of like-for-like replacement, including a proposal that the Royal Navy's fleet of nuclear-armed submarines could be cut from four to two.

The review of alternatives results from a compromise reached by Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in the 2010 coalition agreement which brought them into government together, and is likely to set a clear dividing line between the parties at the next general election.

Mr Alexander has said he hoped today's review would "open up a debate about the fact that there are different ways of approaching nuclear deterrents."

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