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'Half of drivers' face road rage

Nearly half of drivers have experienced road rage, with some being threatened with physical violence, according to a survey by an insurance company.

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Road rage victim: 'She had her hands around my throat'

Caroline Levy was the victim of a road rage attack eleven years ago which she still has difficulty talking about.

Speaking on Daybreak Caroline said; "I started walking up to her car and went 'what's the problems?' and within seconds she'd opened up the car door, she leapt out and had her hands around my throat."

Transport psychologist Dr Peter Marsh said the reason people become defensive and can become violent is, "the car is not only a means of transport, but it's also a very special kind of territory.

"An extension of our homes, our living room on wheels if you like. So when we feel that is threatened....we react with often uncharacteristic aggression."

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