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Taliban sends letter to Malala

A senior Taliban commander in Pakistan has written a letter to Malala Yousafzai and said that the attack which saw her shot in the head was not due to her education campaigning but due to the "smear campaign" she ran against the Taliban.

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Taliban: Malala was attacked due to 'her propaganda'

It is amazing that you are shouting for education, you and the UN is pretending that as you were shot due to education, although this is not the reason, be honest, not the education but your propaganda was the issue and what you are doing now, you are using your tongue on the behest of the others and you must know that if the pen is mightier than the sword then tongue is sharper and the injury of sword can be hailed but the injury of the tongue never hails and in the wars tongue is more destructive than any weapon.

– Adnan Rasheed, Taliban commander

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