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Taliban sends letter to Malala

A senior Taliban commander in Pakistan has written a letter to Malala Yousafzai and said that the attack which saw her shot in the head was not due to her education campaigning but due to the "smear campaign" she ran against the Taliban.

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Taliban attacked Malala 'because of provocative writing'

A senior Taliban commander in Pakistan wrote a letter to Malala Yousafzai saying that the reason she was attacked was because her "provocative writings" and not because of her campaign for education.

In the letter Adnan Rasheed said:

When you were attacked it was shocking for me I wished it would never happened and I had advised you before.

Taliban attacked you, was it Islamically correct or wrong, or you were deserved to be killed or not, I will not go in this argument now, let’s we leave it to Allah All mighty, He is the best judge.

Here I want to advise you as I am already late, I wish I would have advised you in my prison time and this accident would never happened.

First of all please mind that Taliban never attacked you because of going to school or you were education lover, also please mind that Taliban or Mujahideen are not against the education of any men or women or girl.

Taliban believe that you were intentionally writing against them and running a smearing campaign to malign their efforts to establish Islamic system in swat and your writings were provocative.

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