Attenborough urges public to count butterflies

Sir David Attenborough has called on the public to help assess if butterflies are recovering from their worst year on record.

Butterflies were hit by last summer's cold, wet weather which hampered their mating and egg-laying patterns leading to a reduced lifespan for species.

Butterfly Conservation are urging the public to count all the butterflies they can see, before submitting their sightings online or via a free app.

Butterfly Conservation President Sir David Attenborough with a south east Asian Great Mormon Butterfly on his nose Credit: PA Wire

Attenborough, president of the Butterfly Conservation, labelled last year's conditions a "disaster" for butterflies:

"The washout weather of 2012 proved a disaster for our butterflies; these conditions, coupled with long-term declines, means there are probably fewer butterflies in the UK than at any point during my lifetime.

"But it is not too late. You can help ensure that butterflies still bring that sense of magic to our summertime by taking part in the Big Butterfly Count."