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Boeing 787 fire 'wiring link'

Officials investigating the fire on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet at Heathrow airport are focused on how condensation in the plane and a possible pinched wire in an emergency beacon may have sparked the blaze, Reuters reported, citing a source.

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Signs of 'disruption to battery cells' on Dreamliner

According to the report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch who is leading the investigation into a fire on a parked Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner plane at Heathrow last Friday.

Detailed examination of the ELT [emergency locator transmitter] has shown some indications of disruption to the battery cells. It is not clear however, whether the combustion in the area of the ELT was initiated by a release of energy within the batteries or by an external mechanism such as an electrical short.

In the case of an electrical short, the same batteries could provide the energy for an ignition and suffer damage in the subsequent fire.

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