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Govt row over immigrant ads

A advertising campaign telling illegal immigrants to “go home or face arrest” has caused a row within the Coalition. The poster vans are part of a pilot scheme in several London boroughs.

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Cooper attacks 'ill-judged' immigration posters on vans

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has said a government pilot scheme to display billboards on vans telling illegal immigrants to go home are "ill judged".

She said: "There is now complete confusion over whether these ill judged ad vans are actually government policy or not.

Yvette Cooper criticised a pilot scheme featuring billboards telling illegal immigrants to go home. Credit: ITN

"As we have made clear for some time, this is a cynical stunt from a Government that's not getting the basics right on immigration.

"We need a grown up debate about what's important and making immigration work for all. Instead we have ludicrous posters and a Home Office practising stupid politics, she added.

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