Freddie Mercury and Jacko duets could be made public

Unheard duets between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson could be made public after Brian May revealed he has started work on them, alongside renowned producer William Orbit.

Freddie Mercury pictured at Wembley stadium in 1986. Credit: Duncan Raban/Duncan Raban/EMPICS Entertainment

The musician said he had "a great time" working on the tracks in the studio in Manchester.

Writing on his blog, the Queen guitarist said: "As for unreleased material with Freddie singing ... strangely enough I was working on some tapes this evening - with William Orbit. There are a few items in progress. We will have something for folks to hear in a couple of months' time, hopefully."

Michael Jackson died in 2009. Credit: Reuters

He added: "Great evening with William Orbit working with some Queen/Freddie/Michael Jackson tapes. Exciting, challenging, emotionally taxing. But cool."

Freddie Mercury died in November 1991. Michael Jackson died 18 years later in 2009.