Dinner lady sacked for serving pork to a Muslim pupil

A primary school dinner lady who was sacked after 11 years for accidentally serving pork to a Muslim pupil has given her version of the events that led her dismissal.

Alison Waldock, 51, told Daybreak, she forgot the dietary needs of the seven-year-old when she asked if she wanted roast gammon, and the child said yes.

Ms Waldock said: "It's a busy lunchtime, you have 250 children coming through...and she went off".

The headteacher of Queen Edith Primary School in Cambridge then spotted the mistake as the child was about to eat her lunch and took the plate away from her.

Lunchtime UK, the catering company which employed Ms Waldock said: "A standard disciplinary procedure ensued which resulted in her being dismissed for gross misconduct."