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US embassies start reopening

The US embassy in Cairo has reopened after a week-long closure due to security concerns. The US said it will reopen 18 of the 19 embassies recently closed in the Middle East and Africa, but its embassy in Yemeni capital Sanaa will remain closed.

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EU 'taking precautions' after US embassy shutdown

The European Union is taking "all necessary precautions" after the United States said it would close some embassies on Sunday because of security concerns, a spokesman said.

The EU had no immediate comment on a worldwide travel alert issued by the US. Credit: SOERENÂ STACHE

"We are in contact with our US counterparts," European Commission spokesman Alexandre Polack said. "Delegations of the EU in the affected region are liaising with US embassies."

Polack said the EU had no evidence of any threats that specifically concerned EU overseas delegations but said they are "taking all necessary precautions."

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