Vaz surprised 'hack' list was not shared with Met

Keith Vaz has said Soca should act with "urgency" to reveal the names of the 102 firms and individuals on its list. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

House of Commons Home Affairs Committee chairman Keith Vaz has said it is "very surprising" that the list of firms linked to rogue private investigators was not shared with the Met given the investigations into alleged hacking.

Detectives are carrying out inquiries codenamed Weeting, Elvedon and Tuleta into allegations of phone-hacking, illicit payments to public officials and computer-hacking by journalists, some linked to private investigators.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) provided Mr Vaz's committee with the list - containing 102 firms and individuals, including blue chip companies, law firms and financial services groups - on condition that the names are not revealed.

But following the shock resignation of Soca chairman Sir Ian Andrews, Mr Vaz has said he will ask his successor to review the decision. He today said that Soca should act with "urgency", arguing that further delay would be unfair to those on the list who want the affair cleared up.