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Syrian 'chemical weapon attack'

Syrian rebel fighters have alleged that the Assad regime launched "a series of chemical attacks" on the Damascus suburbs of Adra and Douma yesterday morning.

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Syrian doctor describes aftermath of 'chemical attack'

A Syrian doctor who treated victims of a reported attack in the suburbs of Damascus told ITV the symptoms presented to him were consistent with that of a chemical gas attack.

Dr Abu Ghafer said that around 5am residents in Douma and Adra reported respiratory and other problems, and that they believed the regime dropped shells in a nearby farm.

Locals believe the that regime forces dropped shells filled with Sarin gas onto neighbouring deserted fields and farms. The wind blew across remnants of the chemical.

Many people began to panic in a highly populated area.

Some had severe respiratory attacks and were given local drugs.

The majority of people treated themselves with water and damp cloths. Symptoms included breathlessness, suffocation and blurred vision. Many also had panic attacks.

– Dr Abu Ghafer, speaking to ITV News by phone

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