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First test tube burger unveiled

The world's first test-tube burger, made from lab-grown meat, has been cooked and eaten in London. The 5oz (142g) patty, which cost £250,000 to produce, was dished up by its creator before an invited audience.

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PETA: Lab meat to provide 'methadone' for meat eaters

The animal welfare campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) welcomes today's unveiling of the first lab-grown burger:

In vitro technology will spell the end of lorries full of cows and chickens, abattoirs and factory farming. It will reduce carbon emissions, conserve water and make the food supply safer ...

But lab-grown meat will provide people who were addicted from childhood to the saturated fat in flesh with the "methadone" for their habit.

– spokesperson, PETA

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