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Syrian 'chemical weapon attack'

Syrian rebel fighters have alleged that the Assad regime launched "a series of chemical attacks" on the Damascus suburbs of Adra and Douma yesterday morning.

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Syrian Coalition call on UN to investigate 'attack'

The Syrian Coalition have called on the UN to investigate the latest reports of a chemical weapon attack on civilians in Damascus, and again appealed to the international community to take action to stop the regime and hold Assad to account for war crimes. In a statement, the Coalition said:

The Syrian Coalition calls on the UN chemical weapons inspection team to investigate Ada in rural Damascus for Assad's use of toxic gas against civilians.

The Syrian Coalition reiterates its commitment tofully cooperate with the team’s mission to gather evidence on the use ofchemical weapons.

Continued international inaction leaves the lives of thousands of Syrians in danger. The Syrian Coalition denounces international negligence in regard to Assad’s use of chemical weapons and urges the international community to deliver on their promises to put an end to Assad’s crimes.

It is absolutely unacceptable that the international community continues to be passive and negligent in regards to the critical situation in Syria.

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