Labour party looks like 'shamefaced schoolboy'

Ed Miliband is under pressure from Labour MPs to show the party's appeal to electorate Credit: PA

Ed Miliband is facing pressure from his own party to show a "compelling case" to the electorate on why Labour would be better for the UK.

In the face of Tory accusations that Labour was responsible for the economic mess, Labour MP Geraint Davies said the party looked like a "shamefaced schoolboy".

Writing in The Independent, Mr Davies said: "The party's challenge is to provide a compelling case as to why Britain would be better off with Labour.

"Firstly, the problem is that the electorate doesn't yet see a clear choice between the parties on cuts vs growth. Secondly, the Tories have been relentless in asserting that Labour messed up the economy.

"Not rebutting this charge makes us look like a shamefaced schoolboy admitting responsibility by omission. And if we don't rebut the accusation, it will simply amplify as the election approaches."