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Deadly python put down

The two brothers strangled by a python in Canada have been named locally as 5-year-old Noah Barthe and 7-year-old Connor Barthe. The boys were killed after the python escaped from an exotic pet shop. The snake has since been put down.

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Python 'may have been attracted to body warmth'

Following the deaths of two boys in Canada after they were strangled by a snake, ITV News spoke to London pet store owner Nick Traquair to find out how animals of this kind should be kept:

  • Snakes tend to be attracted to warmth. It is very unusual for them to attack a human or to see humans as food.
  • A snake as long as this would need a room-sized enclosure - approximately 10x10ft or larger. Many owners of snakes this size convert rooms to jungle habitats in order to keep them.
  • Only experienced handlers should keep African Rock Pythons.
  • Snakes this size should be fed a frozen rabbit or large rats at least once a week. In the wild they can wait for months before eating.
  • To keep a 4.5m snake in a glass tank, it would need toughened glass around 10/15mm thick.

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