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May accused of report 'cover-up'

Home Secretary Theresa May has been accused of a "cover-up" after she used legal powers to keep parts of a critical inspection into UK border controls secret.

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Labour: Theresa May is 'hiding her own failings'

The Home Secretary has been accused of “hiding her own failings” by preventing sections of a report into UK borders from being made available to the public.

Theresa May prevented 15 sections of a report by Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration John Vine from being published by claiming it was in the interest of national security to keep them secret.

However, the Tory MP was criticised by Labour members for hiding information which shows how many illegal immigrants have not been fingerprinted before entering the UK from France.

Yet again the Government refuses to be straight with the British people about immigration and our borders....What possible reason can there be for redacting elements of a report by a highly-respected independent inspector?

If Theresa May thinks Mr Vine's report would imperil national security or provide ammunition for illegal migrants, she should share the full report with the Home Affairs Select Committee and ourselves and explain why the full report cannot be published without masses of redactions.

– Shadow Immigration minister Chris Bryant

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