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Bullied girl's dad backs

The father of Hannah Smith, who committed suicide after being bullied on the website, has described the site's new cybersafety measures as "a good thing". But child protection charities said more needs to be done to stop online bullying.

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  1. Laura Kuenssberg

The Sun pulls ads from and 'blacklists' outlet

The Sun "blacklists" and has told their media agency not to buy any more ads from them - it was a "blind purchase" so they did not know they were on the site.

News UK is the parent company of The Sun. Credit: PA

News UK said in a statement: "Our agency booked a broad range of media to promote our fabulous new offering 'Sun plus' and was part of the mix.

"On discovering that, we immediately instructed them to pull the adverts and blacklist that outlet".

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